Sunday, 20 April 2008

Nazism in China

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If you can understand written Chinese, please click the following links.
中華需要納粹(China needs Nazism)
中國納粹黨圈子(Chinese Nazi Party Group in Sina China)
小說:浴火重生之納粹華夏(Novel: China reborn from Nazism)

I found above links by Baidu, by entering "納粹中國" (China Nazi). Although "anger youth" (憤青) have not organized "Chinese Nazi Party", the links still show the potential for nazism in China.

In modern Chinese history, two important political movements involves extremism, the first one is "Boxer" in 1900, another one is "cultural revolution" in 1967. So many red guards in China do not think they do the wrong thing during cultural revolution, and tell the past to their children like heroic story. On the other hand, Chinese government declines to claim boxer did the wrong thing before 1900. Therefore, some young internet users in China accept the Nazism without shame. If no one stop China before Olympic games, the extreme nationalism may finally becomes Chinese version of Nazism and made the world is not safe to everyone. The people's republic of China still control some nuclear weapons.

Western world should tell China, please stop irrational and crazy nationalism before Olympic Games. If Chinese government declines to stop the extremist, the Beijing Olympic would been ruined. Please say no to Chinese extreme nationalism for the peace of the world.

For non-Chinese reader, I may provides the English version of selected articles in this blog in MO's notebook in English.

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