Sunday, 29 March 2009

Native Language

Native language is usually a big headache of South East Asian.

Everyone knows I am a columnist in Hong Kong and Singapore major Chinese newspapers, but Written Chinese is not the only native language in my brain. When I consider some importance issues, like making decision on big business project, replying email to my lover, I think in English, not in written Chinese or in Cantonese. No language is the dominant language in my mind.

No dominant native language in thinking process may cause so many problems. You may find the sentence structure in my commentaries is not standard, like someone translates English essay into Chinese. Some proofreader in Hong Kong golden find incorrect usage in my English essay. My fluency of English is much worse than most of native speakers or writers from English speaking countries. Sometimes I may think the whole thing in Indonesian, but I am very difficult to present it to other people due to my poor translation skills.

Why do I suddenly restart writing blog in English? A big issue makes me cannot to think and write in English is a short period, so I write it in English.

You may find more and more blog entires in broken English version of my blog, when my feeling is still unstable.

P.S. I hope some hostile users from HKGolden can respects every English blog writers from Hong Kong or other Asian countries. You can tell the grammatical mistake to the author in friendly way, like leave comment in the blog, not use the mistake to make fun in the forum. This is very effective way to discourage the people to write and speak in English.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Hi, readers from HKGolden

I think some readers click here due to the post in HKGolden above.

As the first post in this blog said, you may find "broken" English in here. You can point out my grammatical mistake in comment section.

Anyway, some HongKongers may think "good" English as "complicated" English, please look the following reply in the post above:


Oh! My God, only HongKonger may think simplest English is the way to hide my "broken" English. In HongKonger point of view, complicated English is "good" and "advance". Really? For daily use, simple and clear English is enough.

On the other hand, this post in HKGolden explains the cause of Hong Kong poeple English in decline, the people only laugh other people writes blog in "broken" English and never encourage it.

You never jump into water, you never know how to swim. Only a few Hong Kong people understand the importance of "drinking water" in learning process.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Lack of humbleness

The gentleman in this video clip comes from mainland China. His comment on Hong Kong in the video makes Hong Kong angry. Most of comments in this video shows the anger of Hong Kong people.

I try to tranlsate the words of mainland gentleman to English. He said that Hong Kong was game over without the preferential policy of Beijing.

In the beginning of China economic reform, many Hong Kong people invested in China, and introduced the knowledge and business network to China. This is an important key of China success. Without Hong Kong under British colonial rule, no one think China could reform its economy as fast as today. The arrogance of Chinese people hurts Hong Kong people loyalty towards China.

Chinese is lack of humbleness. This may causes many troubles in foreseeable future. Tibetan, HongKonger and Taiwanese all are the victim of Chinese arrogance.

Monday, 4 August 2008

The origin of Chinglish

Every foreign visitor in China may see some roadsigns with nonsense English translation. Someone calles this kind of English as Chinglish. It mixs the English vocabulary with Chinese grammar.

So many Chinese and Hong Konger finish college education in US, UK, etc. Why does no one stop Chinglish spread over the country?

1. Most Chinese students in overseas study IT, engineering or science, you may find some of them in faculty of business administration. Only very small portion of them choose social science or arts related subjects. Very rare parents may want their children to study Social Science or Art because of the unclear career path of the graduate. Simple English is enough for the life of engineering students or science students in university. Do you think they know how to write "standard English" for everyday life?

2. On the other hand, this is also the problem of working attitude. Most of Chinglish translation is product of computer program. Chinese in mainland China just enter the Chinese expression into computer program and use the result without modification. They do not take serious for their work. Please look Hong Kong, roadsign with Chinglish translation may be under fire of some magazines like Jimmy Lai's Next magazine.

Chinglish is a product of Chinese culture. As foreigner, you can laugh at this. As Chinese, you have to think the cultural problem behind the Chinglish and try to find a solution.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Dick Wolf may considers Law and Order: Hong Kong?

Dick Wolf launched so many overseas version of Law & Order. Law & Order is the longest life prime time TV drama series about professonal lives of police and prosecutor. Dick Wolf licensed the Russian and UK version of Law & Order.

Hong Kong is a city of "nylonkong" and so many popular crime movies, include academy award winner the departed come from Hong Kong. Law & Order: Hong Kong may attract many TV lovers in Hong Kong, US, China and Taiwan.

On other hand, Hong Kong has its uniqueness for TV drama series. Most of Hongkongers are ethnical Chinese, and Hong Kong is still using the same common law system as UK and US. Hong Kong police force is similar to UK police force. Hong Kong version of Law & Order may adds some unique elements from Hong Kong culture, but still keeps the main theme of Law & Order: the procedural justice of criminal legal system.

As a fan of Law & Order in Hong Kong, I hope Dick Wolf may consider Law & Order: Hong Kong to impact our outdated TV industry.

Monday, 28 July 2008

"Small Countries" become big a political headache of Chinese Government

Prague Daily Monitor: Czech PM's Tibet badge angers China

Czech Republic Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek announced that he would wear Tibetan flag badge during his trip to the Beijing Olympic.

In Chinese government point of view, Czech and other "small" EU members become its big political headache. China market is not important for Czech. Czech can exports her goods and talents to other EU members. If Chinese government overreact to Czech Republic action, EU members may boycott the Beijing Olympic. Chinese government has no way to stop Topolanek's action.

More and more European politicians and athlenes take similar action during Beijing Olympic. How does Chinese government response to them? This is much more exciting than the games in the stadium.

Friday, 25 July 2008

East Germany style Chinese Olympic Opening Ceremony Uniform

So many Chinese netizens are disappointed in their Olympic Games team opening ceremony uniform. One creative Chinese internet user describes the uniform like tomato scrambled egg. Tomato scrambled egg is very common dish in China.

If Chinese Olympic Committee had authorized Adiads to design the opening ceremony uniform, this bad taste design would not appeared in Bird Nest stadium. The taste of Chinese under Communist regime still likes the other former communist countries in Europe, such as East Germany.

This time, Adiads provides "East Germeny style" product to Chinese Olympic team. I suggest DIE LINKE, a hard core communism political party in Germany, to find the same designer in China to design their party uniform. In the meanwhile, they also should find Adiads as their sponsor. Thank for Adiads and Chinese designer, they successfully reborn the DDR fashion style.